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A Fit Exec is a busy professional who successfully balances work, life, and fitness. You’ve already taken control of your career, are you ready to take control of your fitness too?

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About The Fit Exec

My Fitness Journey

As a child, I always struggled with my weight. But, it wasn’t until high school that I started to really let myself go. Years of playing video gaming, eating fast food and relying on energy drinks to keep it all going had left me overweight and unhappy. I simply didn’t have the knowledge I needed to make a change then, and so, it continued well into my college years.


After years of being embarrassed to take my shirt off around others and lacking the confidence and energy of my peers, I was finally fed up. Although I was busy pursuing a degree in Business Management Information Systems, I decided to dedicate what little free time I had in college to learning all I could about the fitness industry, nutrition, and exercise. While others used their free time from studying to party, I was trying different exercise classes, reading books on weight training, studying research papers on nutrition science, and committing anecdotal studies to memory. I was committed to making a change, and being technically minded, I was methodical about it.


As I began to experiment in the kitchen and the gym, the results started to come, slowly at first, but then more consistently. It wasn’t long before I was on my way to building the lean, fit body of my dreams.


But that was years ago, when I had the freedom to spend hours in the gym, meal prep, and generally spend my free time on myself.


Becoming The Fit Exec

Fast forward over 10 years…

I’m now married, with two kids (boys, ages 3 and 1), and a business owner, running one of the top renewable energy, solar PV engineering companies in the United States. To say my time is limited would be an understatement.


Through it all, though, I’ve maintained my love and passion for fitness. Since time had become an increasingly limiting factor over the years, I’d been forced to adapt my entire approach in order to maintain a successful balance between work, life and my health. In doing so, I created a simple, easy-to-follow plan that incorporates a deep knowledge of nutrition, the human diet, and full-body weight training that can now be applied to any business professional looking to jumpstart their health and fitness goals.


At first, I just shared my plan with family, then friends. Later it was colleagues and friends of friends, as word quickly spread about my unique plan and the amazing results.


The Fit Exec was born.


When I’m not growing my solar business or coaching other busy professionals to meet their fitness goals, you can find me spending time with my family (often working out together), on the golf course, or enjoying a music festival.


I encourage anyone who sees me, follows me on social media, or knows me, to always say Hi! I love meeting and talking with people who are interested in incorporating The Fit Exec lifestyle into their busy lives!

What my clients say

  • The Executive Fat Loss program taught me the science based fundamentals of nutrition and of the role strength training and cardio plays in one’s efforts at changing body composition. I can now say that I have the tools and knowledge necessary to continue dropping body fat, without every having to follow a food restricted diet again.

    Brett S.
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Through online coaching with Rob, I have successfully lost over 20 pounds of body fat to date. He evaluated my lifestyle habits and was able to develop a custom nutrition and exercise program that fits my busy schedule perfectly!

    Ashley F.
    Financial Advisor
  • Following the Executive Lean Muscle program,  I have been able to successfully pack on 15 pounds of lean muscle, while simultaneously dropping body fat. It’s great to finally find a program that proves that you don’t need to add unnecessary amounts of body fat when trying to add muscle. I will never do a traditional bulk and cut cycle again. 

    Cody B.
    Chief Technology Officer