Fit Executive Testimonials

"I feel amazing!"

The Executive Fat Loss program helped me lose unwanted body fat to lean down to my goal body weight. All while increasing strength and performance in the gym.

As a Sales Rep covering the entire West Coast, I have a very crazy travel schedule, and the program’s strategy made continued fat loss effortless, even while on the road.

I feel better than I have for years and am now following the Executive Lean Muscle program to maintain my new body. Thank you, Rob!

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"I will never get fat again."

I struggled being overweight my entire life and was always afraid to start a exercise and nutrition program due to the complexity and intimidation of most programs on the market.

Rob convinced me to start the Executive Fat Loss program and I can say from first hand experience that his programs and simplification of understanding the principles of calorie balance and macro nutrients really made things finally ‘click’ for me. 

I dropped over 50 pounds of body fat and can now say that I have the necessary knowledge and understanding of manipulating body composition and know that I will never be fat again!

I am now following the Executive Lean Muscle program and am focusing on slowly gaining lean muscle over time through a focus on strength gains, ensuring that every pound gained will be muscle and not fat.

Pounds Lost
Fit Executive Testimonials
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Fit Executive Testimonials

"I love The Fit Exec!"

After the birth of my child, I had a hard time losing the weight that I gained during my pregnancy.

I didn’t have a lot of body fat to lose and was also interested in building more muscle, to look more toned.

Following the Executive Lean Muscle program, I was able to simultaneously drop body fat while gaining muscle, all without killing myself in the gym.

Rob taught me the importance of understanding nutrition and that I don’t need to kill myself with high volume workouts and cardio in order to burn body fat.

Pounds Lost

What other clients are saying...

  • The Executive Fat Loss program taught me the science based fundamentals of nutrition and of the role strength training and cardio plays in one’s efforts at changing body composition. I can now say that I have the tools and knowledge necessary to continue dropping body fat, without every having to follow a food restricted diet again.

    Brett S.
    Chief Executive Officer
  • Through online coaching with Rob, I have successfully lost over 20 pounds of body fat to date. He evaluated my lifestyle habits and was able to develop a custom nutrition and exercise program that fits my busy schedule perfectly!

    Ashley F.
    Financial Advisor
  • Following the Executive Lean Muscle program,  I have been able to successfully pack on 15 pounds of lean muscle, while simultaneously dropping body fat. It’s great to finally find a program that proves that you don’t need to add unnecessary amounts of body fat when trying to add muscle. I will never do a traditional bulk and cut cycle again. 

    Cody B.
    Chief Technology Officer

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